Kaha hai prakriti – a Hindi Poem by Yasin Shaikh

काहा है प्रकृति?
थमा हूआ पानी है  प्रकृति,
या निरंतर बेहती हुई नदी है प्रकृति,
एक जंगल का गेहरा घना साया है प्रकृति,
या निला खुला आसमान है प्रकृति…
एक बंद कमरे में बसी हवा कि खामोशी है प्रकृति,
या पर्वत के ऊंचाई पे बसे भवर का शोर है प्रकृति।
तोह सुनो वो है प्रकृति
जिस से तुम जाने अंजाने में तबाह कर रहे हो ….
खुद की बेमतलब जिंदगी में मतलब ढुंढ रहे वोह है प्रकृति,
इस तबाही को जो झेल रही है वो है प्रकृति,
जिस से तुम्हारा “में” बना है वो है प्रकृति,
जिस के बिना कुछ न था न हैं न होगा
वो है प्रकृति।
जिस के बिना आंखों को सुकून न मिले…
बदन को थंडक न मिले…
कानों में मधुरता न बसे…
रंगों में खुशबू न दौड़े वो है…


Falling in love- A poem by Yasin Shaikh

a soul got divided that day into two part,
one part was given to love and the other to hatred.
with her the part of love was nourishing and living it’s best life.
The moment she left,
the hate arises from it’s pitch black darkness to cover me.
I’m here scared of thinking whether to be a soul full of love i have to be with her always.
what if she was the reason for the part of hatred in my soul. Because love follows hate just like the bright day is followed by a dark night,
with her life feels like a perfect sunny morning.
without her a night that even ghosts are scared of
her eyes are like drugs that can make god go wild
her hands are petals of roses
her face gives the resemblance of the most gorgeous full moon a humankind has ever seen
her hair looks like the art of the greatest artist ever created by god.
her thoughts are of her own unlike the thoughts of others and that’s what makes her her.
everything about her makes her what she is and everything about her makes me fall for her even more.


Monsoon Musings – A poem by Yasin Shaikh

A heavy monsoon night of Mumbai,in the month of November, reminded me of you.
The clouds gathered and lightning screamed…
Misty surroundings seems like an eye filled with bewildered dreams.
Tracing a pattern of reminiscence they were dreading and when the time came… the clouds could not hold the water in them,
as you were not able to hold back your tears that day.
Like the clouds don’t care about the time and space,the weather and the season
you didn’t care about anyone that day.
Just like the clouds let out their feelings when they rain,
you let out yours in the form of tears that day.
You’re a cloud soaring high…
You’re a human having emotion…
You reminded me to not hold myself back.
You taught me to put myself first.
You taught me to be like rain.
You taught me to be one with myself.


Love on the shore – A poem by Yasin Shaikh

Sitting by the side of sea on soft sands
We look at the distant moon holding hands,
after the heavenly sunset bids us goodbye
a night of stars has arrived to stay till we die.
As overflowing ocean becomes cold
our eyes can see through each other’s soul,
we stay there with our fingers rolled,
promising each other that we will grow together old.
In every realm of sea
we are going to be,
Like a travelling flake of snow
we are going to go with the flow.
As we are here sitting still
an awe of peace is all we feel,
this sky full of dead stars
Is reminding us of healed scars.
The moonbow in the cloud,
Is reciting a beautiful poem aloud .
As we gaze into this emptiness,
we remember that these little things are the ones that bring us happiness.


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